About The German Shepherd Life (that’s me – Gigi) and my pawrents!

Hello world! My name is Gigi and I am a 4.5 month old GSD puppy living with my pawrents! This is my

According to my pawrents, I am a hyperactive, super cute, smart little girl and their baby! But I can be troublesome, especially when I am clingy and attention seeking. Well, am I wrong? Isn’t that what all babies do?

My pawrents too, are clingy to a thingie which they call a macbook! Initially, I wanted to scratch it off with my tiny little nails (which are chopped off regularly!). But it was always kept out of my reach! And hence I started clinging on to them, showing my cuteness which is far more than that book!

It was only at a later stage, when my little brain started evolving (scientifically equivalent to a 7 year old hooman baby) did I realize that my pawrents are actually using the book for my sake too!

I have seen them interacting with people they call vets /doctors (one of them injects me with sharp pins, but still gives me treats!), nutritionists (who tell my pawrents what to feed me) and watching a lot of videos on their book telling them how to train me! (As if they can!)

When on my walks, a lot of people come to pet me. I think my pawrents are insecure regarding the attention I receive! (giggle) They start conversing with that person and I hear words like ‘name’, ‘age’, ‘train’, ‘treat’… Even though I don’t understand it all, in the end, everyone still focus and bid ‘bye’ only to me!

Now, in order to be a step ahead of them, I am helping them with this blog which they are handling under my name… Its all based on their personal experiences while figuring out the best for me. They wish to help the new and future pawrents of my brothers and sisters with related information! Pawsome right?

So for anyone looking for any tips, recipes and answers to some of the most barking questions – this is the place to be. Save the hours, and just have fun! Wuff Wuff!

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